About Coach Rob

coach-rob-profileCoach Rob Earwicker is originally from England and has been involved in weightlifting for over 25 years. He trained as a full-time athlete at the National Training Centre for Weightlifting from 1996 to 1999, where he held coaching certifications from the British Amateur Weightlifting Association. During his athletic career he competed at many National and International competitions. His competitive background and passion for all sports led led him to personal training and coaching, including developing his own weightlifting program and team, Lift 6 for 6.  He has been involved with USA Weightlifting since 2004—as a lifter and now as a coach and mentor.  He also served as a member of the USAW National Committee for Youth Lifters and has hosted local and national Weightlifting competitions.

Coach Rob is known as one of the best Coaches in the business. He makes it his priority to ensure the health, fitness and overall performance of every single member of his team. He has personally coached Olympic-level athletes, National champions, national and international-level athletes, and entry-level athletes who have never done a snatch or a clean and jerk before. He is known for his caring nature, his attention to detail, his technical coaching, and of course his British humor.